It all happened when my mummy died in early 2002, it was lonely in my cold room and the darkness of mind overshadowed my visions, the light in my room was switched on but I could see nothing because the real light of my life just passed on, my mother; my love. How it all happened is what I am yet to understand, for all that was brought to me as news was departure of my mummy in her red garment.


This was the memory  I was trying to fight when I heard a knock on the door, I put off the light to symbolize that I slept but unknown to me a man  has entered on his own accord, he started telling me stories I never asked for and unwanted gestures that made me uncomfortable. The room was too dark, I could hardly see his face, he touched my thigh and I was surprised at such an action from a stranger I never knew. I couldn’t shout because in a twinkle of an eye, his lips were now on mine as he forced my hands down.


All I heard afterwards was the sound of my tearing garment and I could feel a piercing within my thighs, after much struggles, I put on the light, but alas! He was gone. A stranger has done evil and covered himself with darkness. Then, I was filled with more sorrows; the death of my mother and my virginity stolen by an unknown stranger.


I thought of it to put an end to life; I almost gave up so that my pains can go and my anguish can mix with the air, since the grave will be my new abode and my bones will be scattered in the dust, but I felt a new courage to move on, a strange confidence that said “let today be among the days you assume never assist and always let tomorrow be a day for your pursuit.”


 I am a lady without name, I have let my past gone and I am a new soul today, a new one that count her past as story and today as achievement.

Why The Cheapest Windscreen Replacements Aren’t the Best

Everyone knows that using anything substandard is a good way to spend more money over a period of time. This is true for mechanical parts, this is true for consumer electronics, and this is true for almost anything else. This includes people who provide services.


For example, when dealing with windscreen replacements, you need to look up folks like http://windscreenreplacementperthwa.com.au. They’re professional, reliable, and effective. They also minimize the risk of the pitfalls of taking on a bad replacement product.


Now, we all know that substandard replacements are weak. They’re unsatisfactory. They’re prone to breaking apart. They cost you more in the long-term because you keep paying for new ones every time until you break and you have no choice but to pay for the good-quality ones.


First, you want the best glass available. Bad panes carry a lot of risks.


Stuff that’s good quality, the kind that can take a lot of impacts and may even be recommended by the manufacturer. No cutting corners, because that’s the sort of behaviour that gets your car in trouble.


Cutting prices mean that you might get inferior glass on your vehicle. This means that performance is far less effective, and more likely to shatter or be damaged over time. They might chip or crack with far less pressure than better products.


In the worst of cases, it might even shatter. Modern windscreens don’t shatter easily – it should take a lot to do that. However, the bad glass could do that more readily. In some cases, it might even lack that protective film that’s used to prevent the glass from breaking into lethal, cutting shards.


Another reason to get the best quality of windscreen that you can is better workmanship.


Getting a good installation done is just as important as the quality of the glass. If the one doing the installing doesn’t know what he’s doing, there are so many ways things could go wrong. The screen might even pop off the metal frame on a sudden stop.


You should also make sure that the people handling the job are people you can trust. If they’re not professionals, they are liable to forget something. It could be the scraping of remaining materials before reapplying the new adhesive, for example.


The technicians employed might not be right for the job. They might not even know how to do it, relying on Google. If they’re doing that, the only difference between you and them is the number of hands on the job.


Finally, there’s a chance that the replacement might not keep good visibility in adverse weather conditions. Not all glass is alike. Sometimes, the glass might fog up or otherwise become a problem, depending on conditions in the car or outside of it.


The better quality glass doesn’t have that problem. When you’re driving, you really want to have maximum visibility at all times.


Those are the reasons you need to get the best windscreens and instalment teams possible. It might cost a little more, but it’s the best for you and your car.